RY v BFWH NHS FT – Blackpool

From 2002, the Claimant began to suffer tremors, vertigo/nausea and confusion.  She consulted her GP on many occasions.

She was eventually referred in 2004 for an MRI scan of the brain at the neurology department of the local hospital.  Post-scanning she was to be followed-up.She continued to consult her GP with various problems, including recurrent falls and diminished ability to continue working.  Nothing further was received from the hospital.

In 2007, she was eventually referred back.On review of the scan taken in 2004, a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis was made for the first time.

The Claimant alleged negligence on the part of both her GP and the local hospital for the prolonged delay in referring for specialist investigation and (thereafter), the delay in review,follow-up and eventual diagnosis.

The case settled before trial.


Posted on

23rd August 2017