JE v. MEL – Liverpool, serious shoulder/brachial plexus injury

Whilst visiting a local health club / gym, the Claimant suffered a fall due to the layout having been poorly planned with too many machines/workstations packed into a relatively small floor area.

She sustained a serious shoulder injury – dislocation, associated tear of the rotator cuff and resultant damage to the brachial plexus.  She was admitted to hospital by ambulance where she underwent emergency surgery to “pin” the shoulder joint.

Post-surgery and prolonged physio and rehab, the recovery achieved was compromised, impacting her ability to return to part-time work and to resume full responsibility for household management.

Substantial damages were recovered to reflect the substantial pain and suffering and lost ability to resume the work and leisure activities enjoyed before the accident.  Damages were also recovered to reflect past and future care and assistance with household management required.


Posted on

23rd August 2017