FH v STH NHS FT – Middlesbrough

Fractured left hip, treated by a dynamic hip screw (DHS), with no discussion of alternative surgical options, their relative risks or benefits.

Post-surgery, with prolonged and severe pain, discomfort and compromised function, there was a failure to consider the need to revise or to offer the option of hip replacement.

The Claimant was reviewed and X-rayed at six monthly intervals.  She was eventually discharged, in spite of continuing pain and compromised functional outcome.

The allegations were all disputed; in particular, the alleged failure to consider and to undertake revision surgery. It was ultimately established that post-surgery avascular necrosis (AVN/Osteoarthritis) had onset and that this was evident on a number of the earlier X-rays/scans, warranting arthroplasty/FHR.  The case settled out of court.



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23rd August 2017

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