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Asbestos Exposure

We represent clients nationwide who suffer health conditions due to asbestos exposure. Sadly we are often asked to represent the terminally ill or post-demise widows and next of kin at inquest and in civil proceedings brought on behalf of the estate of a deceased loved one.

We are generally able to recover substantial compensation payments for pain/suffering, loss of amenity, loss of earnings, pension losses and the care provided by family and friends.

For fatality claims we generally recover damages to reflect lost financial dependency and bereavement damages.

Asbestos Exposure

We represent those who suffer the effects of asbestos exposure and their families.

We are generally able to recover substantial compensation payments for various expenses.

Asbestos Exposure

We are committed to achieving the best possible outcome for our clients. We have recovered damages in cases involving exposure in a large number of industries:

  • Ship builders/repairers
  • Merchant seamen
  • Building industry tradesmen and operatives
  • Chemical workers
  • Power station workers
  • Factory workers
  • Boiler makers and pipe fitters
  • Telecommunications workers
  • School teachers


We have also successfully recovered compensation for family members who have not received direct exposures in the workplace but who have received secondary exposure due to the dust carried in the working clothes of the husband/father.

There are a number of diseases which can develop due to asbestos exposure. These vary in their severity ranging from simple pleural plaques causing no physical disability or symptoms to mesothelioma, one of the more serious asbestos conditions. In asbestos cancer cases, we are often instructed by the widow or family to bring a claim on behalf of the deceased victim following death.

For mesothelioma, lung cancer and asbestosis claims, we are generally able to recover substantial compensation payments for General Damages (pain and suffering), Loss of Earnings (past and future), Loss of Pension Rights, Care Services and Out of Pocket Expenses.

Sample of Cases

Mr B Deceased v Central Electricity Generating Board – A complex asbestos lung cancer case with no diagnosis of asbestosis made in life (and therefore unable to satisfy the precursor theory”.  Few of the more usual investigations were undertaken by the  hospital, pre-demise – VAT procedure, HR, CT scan in life and with no post mortem on death, it was extremely difficult to prove that the lung cancer was caused by asbestos. However, having drawn together a first class team of lawyers and experts, causation was argued on a positive Helsinki assessment of the exposure likely to have been received in the power stations and by arguing the caselaw including Fairchild, Barker v Corus and Shortell v Bical Construction.

We ultimately recovered for the widow in excess of £200,000.

Orme v
Horrabin v
McGregor v Camelaird
McMahon v University of Birmingham


A Professional Service

We are a dedicated team of lawyers, committed to providing quality service to our clients.

We routinely act in cases where the exposure occurred many years before – sometimes 30 or 40 years, where the employer has now gone out of business, with no records retained or volunteered by insurers. The skills and knowledge acquired through many years of experience mean that we are generally able to overcome these and the technical difficulties to achieve a successful outcome.

As a practice we have achieved independent endorsement of the service provided and are proud to have received the ISO 9001 and Investors in People quality marks. The firm is accredited by the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL).

Time Limits

Under the Limitation Act 1980, proceedings must be issued at Court within 3 years of learning that you may suffer from an asbestos condition. (For those widows and families seeking to bring claims on behalf of deceased claimants, the Rules operate slightly differently but still involve compliance with strict time limits).

If you would like to receive free advice about bringing an asbestos claim, we would be pleased to hear from you by telephone, email or submission of the contact form.


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